Infection Control

Our Infection Control Guidelines Birmingham Dentistry

Your Birmingham Dentistry care providers are committed to meeting your dental needs in a safe environment with strict observation of CDC and ADA guidelines. We care about you and our staff!

Upon arrival at the office:

  1. Call the front desk to “check in”.
    • Verbally answer the questions of the “Covid 19 Health Screening”.
    • Give credit card information to digitally “check out”.
    • Receive a call back from the front desk when it’s your turn to enter the office.
  2. Entering the office:
    • Our staff will meet you at the door and take your temperature, for a red-carpet experience.
    • Please wear your mask, a scarf or other homemade mask is acceptable
    • We have hand sanitizer to use when you enter
    • You will go to your treatment room, you won’t have to stop at the lobby.
    • Our staff will also be wearing full protective equipment for everyone’s protection.
  3. Your treatment:
    • Your treatment room and all common areas are disinfected between every patient.
    • We are allowing extra time for every patient to ensure proper adherence to protocols.

Leaving the office:

  • The staff will check you out in the treatment room.
  • We will schedule your next appointment in the treatment room.
  • We will escort you back to the front door and you may again use hand sanitizer if you wish.

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