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Invisalign® Clear Aligner Therapy

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If you’ve been putting off orthodontic treatment because you don’t want to deal with noticeable metal brackets and wires, we get it! That’s why we’re proud to offer Invisalign clear aligner therapy for our Birmingham Dentistry patients. Now, you can discreetly straighten your teeth without most people even noticing you’re wearing aligners! Everyone deserves to have a straight, beautiful smile. Schedule your consultation today!

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What Is Invisalign?

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Invisalign utilizes clear, discreet aligners to subtly straighten teeth. It uses digital impressions and a 3D model of the proposed results to create a custom series of aligners tailored to your smile. Invisalign’s aligners straighten teeth for two weeks before patients switch them out for the next set in the series. You will continue the process until you’ve reached the desired results!

Benefits of Invisalign

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Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment that provides an array of benefits for patients, including:

    • Comfort

The aligners are made from a smooth, plastic material that won’t poke or irritate the cheeks or gums.

    • Convenience

We’ll send you home with a few sets of aligners at a time so you don’t have to come to our office every two weeks for your next set.

    • Subtle Appearance

Invisalign’s aligners are clear, so they blend into the background allowing patients to still feel confident showing off their smiles.

    • Removable

The aligners are removable so you don’t have to abide by any dietary restrictions or struggle to keep your teeth clean while you straighten them. You’ll take them out when you eat, brush, and floss!

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Invisalign Candidacy

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Invisalign is a great orthodontic treatment for patients with mild to moderate alignment problems. It’s also a common treatment for older teens and adults because of the nearly invisible retainer-like aligners. However, if you have severe teeth and bite alignment issues, Invisalign may not be the right orthodontic treatment. To see if you’re a candidate for Invisalign, please set up an in-person consultation with our dental team!

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